The Importance Of Accurate Pool Leak Detection For Pool Maintenance

Posted on: 10 February 2023

As a pool owner, ensuring the longevity and safety of your pool is of utmost importance. Regular maintenance, including pool leak detection, is crucial to maintaining a healthy and functioning pool. Leaks can lead to costly water and energy bills, as well as potential damage to the structure of your pool and surrounding property. That's why it's essential to have accurate pool leak detection performed by professionals regularly.

Here are a few more reasons that demonstrate the importance of professional pool leak detection for pool maintenance in your residential swimming pool. 

Very Hard To Pinpoint Leaks Without Special Equipment

You might think, as many people do, that it would be very easy to spot a leak in your pool and that any old pool maintenance contractor could do it. The simple fact is that you would be wrong, pool leak detection requires not only special tools but also unique training. Leaks can be smaller than the tip of a pencil, but over time this can cause numerous gallons of water to leak out if you don't get it fixed. Stopping these holes and weak points before they turn into major issues is a huge part of why you need to utilize pool leak detection early, as part of your overall maintenance schedule.

Saves You A Lot Of Energy

Pool leaks can also lead to a loss of energy, as the pool pump will have to work harder to maintain water levels. Accurate leak detection can help minimize energy waste and lower energy bills both now and in the future. It can sometimes take weeks for a pool to fully empty out below the line where filters and other electronic components become useless, and during this time they will be working far harder than they should, which can also lead to broken equipment. 

Protect The Structure Of Your Pool

While a minor hole or crack can be fixed, it should be done as early as possible so that it does not have time to get a foothold and expand to the point where it is going to require major repairs. As soon as you spot your water level dipping, or even have a hint that you may have a pool leak, you need to call in the big guns to have a quick look at it. They can stop the issue before it can gain any momentum and get you back in your swimming pool doing laps in no time!

Contact a local pool contractor to learn more about pool leak detection.


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