Avoiding Mistakes When Caring For Your Pool

Posted on: 5 December 2022

Caring for the maintenance needs of your swimming pool can be a challenge that will require you to have a general understanding of the types of mistakes that could lead to performance problems with the pool's mechanical systems or that could compromise the water quality.

Failing To Flush The Pump

Flushing the pump at regular intervals can be an important step in preserving the condition of the pumping system as well as the water. Unfortunately, it is a common mistake for people to go for long periods of time without flushing the pump, and this could lead to various types of debris starting to accumulate in it. If these substances are allowed to remain in the system, they could compromise the water quality and cause damage to the pump. Fortunately, pool pumps will often have a mode that makes it easy for a person to flush the system. When doing this maintenance, the pump should be flushed until the water is running clear.

Going Too Long Without Cleaning The Leaf Catchers

Your pool's pumping system will have a series of leaf catchers that can keep large pieces of debris from entering the pumping system. However, the leaf catchers will need to be cleaned and emptied at regular intervals. Failing to do this could lead to them becoming clogged, which may deprive the pump of the water that it is needing. Additionally, a full leaf catcher may be less effective at preventing this debris from entering the pump system. Luckily, removing and cleaning these catchers is an easy process, but homeowners will want to make sure that they are doing this at least every week.

Letting The Chemical Balance Of The Water Degrade

Keeping the pool's water in good condition will require the use of various chemical products. Unfortunately, if these chemicals are allowed to come out of balance, they may be ineffective at stopping algae from growing, and they may also be able to cause skin irritation for those that are in the water. Due to the complexity of testing the water and ensuring that only the appropriate chemicals are being added to it, homeowners will often choose to rely on a professional pool maintenance service for this particular process. They will have the equipment needed to effectively test the water to make sure that the pool chemicals are properly balanced to provide effective results while still being gentle on the skin of those that are swimming in it.

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