3 Reasons Why Glass Fencing Is A Great Choice For A Pool Fence

Posted on: 15 November 2022

If your home has a pool, it's important to put a fence around it in order to prevent children and pets from accessing it unsupervised, and this includes children in your own home and those living in the neighborhood. Choosing the right style and material for your pool fence can be a difficult task since you need to make sure it looks great while providing good protection against pool access. Although glass fences are expensive, they're one of the best choices for a new pool fence. To learn about three reasons why glass fences make great pool fences, read on.

1. Glass Doesn't Obstruct Your View

A glass pool fence won't hide the view of your pool when you look into your backyard, making your backyard appear larger. Installing other types of fencing around your pool to keep children and pets out can make your backyard feel more cramped. Allowing you to see the pool at all times is also an important safety feature since it lets you keep an eye on children that are using the pool.

Glass fencing can accomplish this without making the fence less secure, which is one of its best features. Installing a picket fence with big spacing, for example, would allow you to still see your pool. However, children and pets could slip through the gaps in the fence in order to get into the pool.

2. Glass Withstands Moisture and Pool Chemicals

Pool fencing is subjected to harsher conditions than perimeter fencing, so it's important to choose a fence material that can stand up to them. A pool fence needs to withstand wind-blown water vapor from the pool and pool chemicals like chlorine.

Glass won't be damaged by moisture or chlorine, making it a great choice for a pool fence. Glass fences are installed using aluminum or stainless steel for the frame, which is also able to withstand a pool environment. Other fencing materials like wood, chain-link, and iron will all degrade rapidly when they're exposed to moisture, making glass a much longer-lived alternative.

3. Glass Fencing Is Durable

Glass fences are made from very thick panes of tempered glass, which is very durable. Glass fences are unlikely to break if someone leans on them, and tempered glass won't cut anyone if it breaks. Tempered glass shatters apart into tiny clumps that don't have any sharp edges if it does break. You may have to use a pool skimmer to get the pieces of tempered glass out of your pool, but you don't have to worry about anyone being cut by them. Other fencing materials like wood or iron can contain splinters or sharp rusted areas that can cut people, making glass fencing a very safe choice.

Overall, choosing to use a glass fence for pool fencing is great because you can easily see through it. You can watch kids or pets while they're using the pool without having to sit in the pool area itself. You'll also help improve the appearance of your backyard by making it look larger. Glass also stands up well to pool chemicals and moisture, which makes it a great choice for a pool fence.


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