Three Times To Replace Your Pool Liner

Posted on: 21 March 2022

If you have an in-ground swimming pool that has a liner, replacing it is something that you'll likely have to think about at some point during the pool's life. There's no need to feel daunted by the magnitude of this project. Instead, you should call a pool service in your area to learn more about pool liner replacement. While it's a large job, it's also a relatively simple one for any pool service. Your pool will be out of order for a brief period of time as the work takes place, but you'll soon have a fresh, new liner that can augment the look of the pool. Here are three times to think about replacing your pool liner.

Multiple Tears

While it's possible for a pool service to patch one or more small tears on your pool liner, patching becomes impractical when there are multiple large tears across the liner's surface. Instead of perhaps paying for multiple patch jobs on a liner that is old and susceptible to future tearing, it can make sense to opt for a pool liner replacement. A new product will likely be more durable than your existing liner, giving you the confidence that you won't have to deal with future tears.

Outdated Look

Depending on the age of the pool liner, it may have an outdated appearance that makes you feel a little embarrassed when you have people over to swim. Even if you have a newer pool deck and modern landscaping around the pool, this whole area can be negatively impacted by the look of an outdated liner. This can be a good time to assess what new liner designs are available and then hire your local pool service to replace it for you. The next time you have a pool party, you'll be eager for people to see the new look.

Severe Fading

Pool liners fade over time, and while minor fading isn't necessarily a serious issue, you should think about replacing your liner if it's severely faded. A liner that is severely faded can be breaking down on a microscopic level, which means that the liner could begin to leak in the near future. A leaky liner results in a lot of water loss, which can be costly. It can be better to accept that your liner is reaching the end of its lifespan and contact a local pool service to discuss replacing the liner.


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