Common Inground Pool Installation Mistakes To Avoid

Posted on: 7 January 2022

You may have dreamed of enjoying the relaxation, increase in your home's value, and summers of family fun that come from having an inground pool installed in your backyard. The process of designing, preparing the property, and having the pool installed can be a long one that if not planned carefully, can lead to some serious issues down the road. Here are a few common inground pool installation mistakes to avoid.

Not Hiring an Experienced Pool Builder

The first step in designing, building, and installing your pool is to find an experienced builder to work with. Talk to friends and family who have worked with builders in the past to find a reliable builder. Check the builder's references, make sure the builders have the proper permits, and ask for examples of the builder's previous work. Do not allow the cost to be the biggest factor, either. Instead, consider experience and education.

Choosing the Wrong Location

One of the biggest considerations when designing and installing a pool is finding the ideal location. You might think you have the perfect location. Unfortunately, you might have overlooked some of the factors that can make what seems like an ideal location the wrong spot to have your inground pool installed.

Here are a few considerations to keep in mind when choosing your pool's location:

  • Easy access to your home. Choose a location that allows you and your guests to go from the pool easily and safely to your home.
  • Drainage. The location must have proper drainage away from your home and other buildings on your property.
  • Trees. Although trees provide shade, trees also create a mess that must be constantly cleaned out of your pool.

Call your local digger's hotline to determine the placement of your property's water and sewer line before choosing the location for your underground pool.

Not Remaining Flexible with Your Schedule and Budget

From unexpected increases in the cost of supplies to unexpected weather and last-minute changes to the design, there are several things that can change or go wrong when constructing a pool. Always set aside extra money and plan for delays in the construction process. This will ensure that you have enough money to complete the job and that you are not planning pool parties before the construction of your pool is complete.

From not finding an experienced builder to choosing the wrong location, when it comes to installing an inground pool, there are several things that can go wrong.

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