Upgrading Your Property With an In-Ground Pool

Posted on: 8 November 2021

There are not many upgrades that you can make to your property that will have a bigger impact on its appearance and functionality than the placement of an in-ground swimming pool. Installing this feature on your property can require careful planning, but it can be worth it to provide your family with a high-quality and safe swimming experience.

Consider Potential Safety Concerns for the Pool

Many safety concerns will need to be mitigated when you are installing a swimming pool. An example of this type of issue could be avoiding placing the swimming pool under power lines. This can avoid a situation where a downed power line can fall into the pool. In addition to avoiding placing the pool under power lines, you may also want to install a safety fence around it so that pets and children will not be able to accidentally fall into the water.

Assess the Soil Stability

A swimming pool will be extremely heavy once it has been filled with water. Unfortunately, some people may not consider the need for the soil to be strong enough to be able to support this weight when they are choosing a location for their pool to be installed. If the soil is unstable, it can cause the pool to start to sink into the ground. This can contribute to structural damages that may be expensive and disruptive to repair. If the soil is found to be unstable, it can be possible to still install the pool. However, it will be necessary to stabilize the soil with lime or to distribute the weight of the pool over a much larger area. An in-ground pool contractor can help you by assessing whether these upgrades will be needed to keep the pool stable once it has been installed and filled.

Install a Paved Area Around the Pool 

It is extremely beneficial to have a large paved area around the perimeter of the pool. This will reduce the ability of grass and dirt from being able to get into the pool water. Additionally, this paved area can allow your family to have plenty of space where they can lounge, host a cookout, or enjoy other outdoor activities near the water. For the best results, the paved area around the pool should extend to where the safety fence will be installed. Luckily, this part of the work will not add a lot of time to the pool installation process.


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