Benefits Of Having Your Hot Tub Adjacent To Your Pool

Posted on: 1 November 2021

While a lot of homeowners enjoy having their hot tubs on their patios, you have additional options to consider if you have an in-ground swimming pool in your backyard. In this situation, adding a new hot tub adjacent to the pool can be desirable. You have the option of getting a built-in hot tub that is directly attached to the pool, but a more affordable alternative is to simply place a standalone hot tub on the pool deck near the edge of the water. Here are some benefits of having your hot tub adjacent to your swimming pool.

Easy Movement Between The Two

A lot of people enjoy alternating their time between the hot tub and the pool. There are lots of scenarios in which you may enjoy this pursuit. For example, you might think about taking a refreshing swim on a cool evening, climbing into the hot tub to warm up when you get too cold, and then repeating this pattern. When your hot tub is close to the pool, moving between the two spaces is easy. If you were to place the hot tub farther away from the pool, you might not be as inclined to enjoy these two spaces consecutively.

Better Vantage Point For Watching Your Kids

A lot of parents enjoy the idea of soaking in their hot tub while their children swim. This can be true when you're having a quiet afternoon with your immediate family and when you're hosting a gathering with a few other families. If you and the other adults want to use the hot tub while your kids are in the pool, you'll want a hot tub that is close to the edge of the pool. This position will allow you to closely watch the children swim to ensure that everyone is safe. You wouldn't have the same vantage point if your hot tub were several yards away on the patio, for example.

Good Visual Match

Having a hot tub adjacent to your swimming pool can augment the look of your yard. Hot tub suppliers have products in all sorts of styles, making it easy for you to choose a hot tub that matches or complements the look of your pool area. For example, if you have a gray pool deck, you can choose a hot tub with gray sides so that it works well in this space. You could even use paver stones from the pool deck to construct a wall around the hot tub and a set of steps that lead up to it to create a built-in look.


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