Tips For Getting A Pool Fence For Your New Swimming Pool

Posted on: 11 June 2021

A pool fence is an important safety feature for your pool. While you may not like having a fence around your pool, it may be required by your insurance company or local laws. Even if a pool fence isn't a requirement, you may want one to keep kids and pets away from the water when you're not outside to watch the pool. Here are some tips for getting a pool fence.

Choose An Attractive Design

A pool fence doesn't have to detract from the appearance of your pool. You can buy vinyl or glass fences that are nearly invisible. You can also buy a removable mesh fence if allowed by your local laws. This lets you take down the fence for adult pool parties when kids and pets aren't in danger of falling in the water.

If you want a permanent fence, you might choose aluminum or vinyl since they aren't ruined by water. Permanent fences can be attractive too, and you'll still be able to see your pool through the gaps in the fence.

Learn About Pool Fence Regulations

Pool fencing has to meet safety codes so kids can't climb over the fence or open the gate. The codes control the way the fence is built so there are no footholds and so there is no gap large enough for a toddler to squeeze through. The gate is an important part of a pool fence. It should close and latch by itself so it isn't accidentally left open.

You'll want to work with a contractor experienced in installing pool fencing so you can feel confident the right type of fence is installed. Plus, you may want to look up local codes just so you understand the regulations involved with pool fencing.

Schedule The Installation Early

If local or state laws require pool safety fences, your pool won't pass inspection until the fence is installed. If you wait until summer is underway, your swimming season may be delayed if fencing contractors are booked. Installing a pool can take on a timeline of its own due to weather conditions, so it's difficult to know when to schedule the fence installation since it goes in last.

Work with your pool builder and fence contractor to set a date for installing the fence so the code inspector can sign off on your new pool and you can jump in as soon as it's ready to use.

Once your new fence is up, you'll have peace of mind that kids, animals, and even adults are protected from falling in the pool and being harmed. You may also find pool fencing to be an attractive complement to your property and convenient to use.


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