Custom Inground Pool Designs With Natural Finishes

Posted on: 27 April 2021

If you are planning a custom inground pool project, you may want attractive natural finishes. Using materials like natural stone can also work well with a natural pool design. Some different features and designs can blend these elements together. The following natural finishes for inground pools will get you started planning your project

Stone Pool Surfacing

The most difficult natural finish to add to your pool will be the surfacing below the water. Therefore, you want to choose the best materials to finish the inside surfacing of your pool. The best options for stone pool surfacing that you may want to consider include:

  • Slate slabs with a polished finish
  • Stone tile materials with a polished finish
  • Stone slab materials with a honed finish

The stone surfacing inside your pool can have a smooth finish or even be slabs or tiles. These smoother finishes make it easier to keep the water clean and prevent problems like algae growth. This is essential if you choose to do a natural filtration design, which can be vulnerable to water quality problems like algae.

Water Features With Stone Finishes

You may also be planning water features for the design of your custom pool. This is one of the best areas to create designs with stone to give your pool a custom look. There are various areas where water features can be added to your pool. The water features can include:

  • Streams
  • Lazy rivers
  • Waterfalls

Stone is another great material for the design of water features. The natural stone materials will give these accents to your pool a unique look. The flowing water of these features also helps to keep the water clean and adds attractive details to the design.

Natural Stone Pool Coping

The coping around your pool is another area where you can use natural stone. The stone coping can have a natural look, or it can be custom fabricated for the design of your pool. Some of the unique coping designs your pool contractor can create with stone include:

  • Contrasting colors with different stone materials
  • Custom cut stone coping with rounded edges
  • Stone coping with natural-looking shapes
  • Large cut slabs of stone for coping

The coping is one of the best areas to use natural stone in a custom inground pool design. The stone coping works well with natural materials, as well as other finishes. The contrast between the surfacing in your pool and the stone coping will give the design a one-of-a-kind look.

The materials like stone will work well with natural pool designs. Contact an inground pool builder such as Extreme Pools Renovations to discuss these options to create a balanced design for your pool.


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