Why Does Swimming Pool Maintenance Matter If You Rarely Use Your Pool?

Posted on: 24 February 2021

If you hardly ever use your pool, you don't have to worry as much about maintaining it and keeping your pool clean, right? The reality is, you need swimming pool maintenance done on your pool regardless of how often you swim in it.

Whether your pool came with your house and is a luxury you wish you could enjoy more often or you just don't know how often you should have a swimming pool maintenance company come to your home, know this: the more you invest in the care of your pool, the longer it will last. Here are reasons why you need to continue caring for your swimming pool and have professional pool maintenance done even if you don't use your pool that often.

Filters can get clogged

If you don't have your swimming pool maintenance done on the regular, you risk clogging your filters. This can lead to expensive cleaning and repairs, and can make even pH-treated and monitored water murky, cloudy, and filmy. On average, your swimming pool maintenance should be done every week, month, or bi-monthly as recommended by your pool maintenance specialist.

Water levels can drop

Hot weather can cause the water levels in your pool to drop because the water naturally evaporates. Water levels that are low put your pool at risk of an uneven pH and other issues. When you have your pool maintenance done, you have the water levels of your pool checked an if water needs to be put in the pool and the temperatures altered, it can be done at this time.

Other issues can go unchecked

If you aren't actively using your pool and you just leave the cover on, you might not notice if there is a problem with the pool. Pool lights can go out, filters can stop working, the heating element may not work, or the water levels can become way too high, leaving your pool at risk of serious damage. While there is a cost to have the pool maintained, the costs are minimal compared to having to drain, repair, and then refill your pool overall.

Swimming pool maintenance costs vary, but expect to pay around $86 per month for regular cleaning, or more for a one-time cleaning. Your pool maintenance specialist will give you an estimate for their services and can offer you a discount if you sign up for repeated services. Repairs can be costly, so keep this in mind as you consider the regular maintenance your pool requires since keeping your pool clean and well-working can keep repairs at bay.  

For more information on swimming pool maintenance, contact a local pool contractor.


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