Want To Buy A Hot Tub? Different Types And Features Available

Posted on: 3 February 2021

If you want to purchase a hot tub for your home, you need to know the different types available so you purchase the right one. Once you purchase a hot tub, you will find they come with different features. Keep reading to learn much more about this.

Types of Hot Tubs

One type of hot tub you can purchase is a portable hot tub. This allows you to move the hot tub around. This type is also much less expensive when compared to other types of hot tubs, but they are very durable. 

There are also wooden hot tubs which are popular with many people. Wooden hot tubs have different types of heating sources available. You can find models that heat by woodfire, electrically heat, or heat with gas. There are cedar and redwood wooden hot tubs. 

There are in-ground hot tubs also, which are generally installed close to a swimming pool. This type is custom made and is much harder to install. Depending on where you live you may have to get a construction permit. This type is more expensive than other types of hot tubs. 

Hot Tub Features

Along with the hot tubs, there are many features you can choose from. There are lights, which are usually LED lights, that can be embedded into the hot tub. You can even choose lights that are different colors. 

Many hot tubs have massaging jets which makes the hot tub much more relaxing and soothing. You can choose jets that you can move and can customize how the water flows. 

A hot tub cover should be purchased to protect the hot tub. This will keep the hot tub more sanitized and can also help maintain the water temperature. A cover will also keep leaves, bugs, and other debris from getting into the hot tub. The hot tub that you purchase may come with a cover so make sure you ask.

Some hot tubs have molded seats to give you a comfortable place to sit. This also gives your back much more support. You can choose hot tubs that have one molded seat or two or more. 

If you like music, you can find hot tubs that have speakers that pop up. And some have drink holders if you like to enjoy a drink while relaxing in your hot tub. 

The salesperson where you purchase a hot tub can give you much more information.


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