Pool Design That Enhances Outdoor Living Spaces And Blends In With Landscaping

Posted on: 26 October 2020

Natural pool designs are a popular solution for homes and can work well with your landscaping design. When you invest in a new pool, you may want more than just one that blends into the landscaping. Therefore, you may want to consider some of these ideas for a pool that integrates well with outdoor living spaces and your landscaping:

Shape and style of swimming areas

Your pool's size and shape are the first things you want to consider about its design. Some shapes and styles to consider for your project include:

  • Using concrete designs for a custom shape
  • Adding fiberglass stairs and custom features
  • Adding different levels for swimming

These are some of the designs and styles that can help give your pool a unique custom design. Features like separate levels can also help with solutions for outdoor spaces and privacy.

Adding seating and rock features

The seating of outdoor areas and your pool is also important. There are a few options to create a unique design for the pool and outdoor space. There are several ways to add seating to these areas, which include:

  • Creating recessed outdoor spaces inside the pool
  • Adding Grottos with in-pool seating designs
  • Placing outdoor areas above grottos and pool design features

Options like recessed and in-pool seating will give your project a unique design and your home more privacy.

Privacy for outdoors and your pool

Another improvement that can be made with the design of your pool is privacy. The following ideas can be used to give your pool more privacy in your living space:

  • Grottos that block the view of your pool
  • Outdoor areas hidden behind pool features
  • Synthetic rock formations and landscaping plants that add privacy

Waterfalls and strategically located features can help create privacy for your pool and outdoor areas.

Choosing the best pool equipment design

The equipment is another area where you need to make some decisions about the design of your pool. You want filtration and efficient equipment that reduces the costs of maintenance. Some of the options to consider for your equipment include:

  • Sand filters to reduce debris
  • Chemical-free filtration with salt filters
  • Natural filtration design
  • High-pressure pumps and solar panels to power equipment
  • Pool heaters with solar collectors for efficient solutions

With better filtration and solar energy, maintenance will cost less. Good equipment designs will also make it easier to keep the water clear without problems like algae blooms.

These are some things that can be done to ensure your pool design works well with landscaping and outdoor living spaces. Contact a pool contractor for more information.


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