Do You Need Swimming Pool Services?

Posted on: 30 June 2020

If you are a new pool owner, maybe you are somewhat shocked at everything that has to be done to maintain your swimming pool. You probably spent a great deal of money on building your pool, so you obviously want it to function like it's supposed to for many years. One way to ensure that happens is to arrange for swimming pool services.

Swimming pool services involve a lot more than somebody skimming the pool water to make it look nice. Instead, the list of swimming pool tasks is extensive. As you look for a swimming pool service, make sure that the company is insured and that workers are trained and experienced. 

The person who works on your pool will test chemical levels. If needed, chemicals will be added so that bacteria won't grow. The cost of the chemicals needed to do testing will probably be included in the price of the service.

Often, calcium will form on swimming pool tiles. When that happens, the calcium will be scraped away, leaving your pool looking like new.

Filters will be check and cleaned. The pool basket will be cleared from things like dead leaves, dead bugs, and dead frogs.

A long-handled basket will be used to clean the top of the water. The sides of the pool will be brushed. Water might be added or removed to keep the pool water at the right level. 

There are other tasks that probably won't be included in your service contract. For instance, if you want your deck cleaned, that will more than likely result in an additional charge. The same goes for treating stains. Equipment repair will be extra. If it is deemed that new equipment is needed, say a new swimming pool vacuum cleaner, the service will more than likely have those for sale. 

One major issue might be if you are told that the pool needs to be drained. If that isn't done correctly, pool popping might occur, which is a big job to correct. Make sure that the service has the expertise to determine if that is really necessary. In fact, it might even be smart to get a second opinion. This is one time that you'll be glad that you chose a company that is insured. 

After you understand everything that is involved in swimming pool maintenance, you can decide if you want to invest in service weekly or monthly. 


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