4 Features That Make Your Lagoon-Style Pool Wow-Worthy

Posted on: 23 March 2020

A swimming pool is a luxury on its own. However, you can give your swimming pool real wow-factor if you design it to resemble a lagoon. Many of the fanciest resorts in the world feature lagoon-style swimming pools. Enjoy some of that opulence in your backyard by incorporating the following features.

1. Freeform Shape

When you have a swimming pool installed, you usually choose between a preformed and gunite pool. With gunite construction, you can choose any shape you want. The contractors use a wire frame to form the shape of the pool before spraying the gunite onto the frame.

Consider a gunite pool in a freeform shape. Naturally, lagoons don't feature regular shapes. Look at the curves and lines that can best replicate a natural lagoon pool. Talk to your pool experts — they probably have ideas for a freeform pool that resembles a lagoon.

Baja Shelf

In the name of trying to replicate a tropical pool, consider a Baja shelf. This installation consists of flat, shallow areas where guests can lounge in the water while sunbathing. As a bonus, a Baja shelf provides a comfortable pool entrance for people of differing abilities.

Location is important for the Baja shelf. The location should get maximum sun. A freeform pool in gunite construction is ideal for the incorporation of a Baja shelf because you can locate it anywhere in the curves.

Aggregate Pool Finish

With a gunite pool, you have to choose from different pool finishes. Since you're choosing a freeform shape, consider one of the finish options that's painted on, such as plaster. While colored plaster can help your replicate the deep blue of a lagoon pool, Luxury Pools recommends an aggregate finish for a beautiful, one-of-a-kind look.

With aggregate finishes, the contractors mix in stone or glass beads into the plaster. The finished look depends on the aggregate and the application method. For a wow-worthy pool, consider one of the shiny aggregates, such as glass beads, because they'll add glitter as well as color. The contractors expose the aggregate to maximize the effect.


The most luxurious lagoon pools incorporate a waterfall. Not only does the waterfall emphasize the feeling of a lagoon, but it adds the pleasing sound of water music. You can even use the waterfall to cool off or to play.

The contractors can easily incorporate the waterfall into the freeform shape. Usually, they build up one part of the pool and cover it in rocks. They might use the gunite to build up the area or opt for a different construction method. You could even look into faux boulders for the waterfall.

Make your backyard feel like a getaway with a lagoon-style pool.

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