Changing The Depth Of Your Pool: 3 Scenarios When It Makes Sense

Posted on: 13 February 2020

A pool's depth has a large impact on its overall usage factor, as the greater the depth of the pool, the more opportunities for diving and other aquatic activities. Consequently, if the depth of your pool doesn't match your wants or needs — you probably don't enjoy your pool as much as could. A pool remodeling project that involves changing the depth of the pool is a possibility. However, given the complexity of the process, it's one you only want to embark on when necessary.

1. Growing Family

If the dynamic of your family has changed over the years, it might be a good idea to adjust the depth of your pool. Consider a family that had their pool built when their children were toddlers, for instance. 

As a measure of safety, they didn't want the pool to have a depth greater than 5ft. However, now that their children are teenagers, the depth of the pool has become an issue. In this instance, deepening the pool a couple of feet or more could bring more use and enjoyment to the family. 

2. Dated Pool

The shape of a pool has an effect on its depth. In past years, many pools had a shape that resembled the form of a number 8. With this design, the sidewalls of the pool gradually increased in-depth, and as a result, the center of the pool was the only area you could experience its true depth.

These days, pools are designed in a larger array of shapes and rely on features like built-in stairs rather than slanted sidewalls. As a result, you get to experience the true depth of the pool no matter if you're in the middle or on the side. 

3. Installing New Features

If you have a plan to install any new features to your pool, such as a waterslide or a diving board, it's good to check the pool's depth first. To ensure safety, guidelines generally require that a pool be a certain depth if it has a diving board or slide installed. 

While the guidelines can vary, you should expect the threshold to be somewhere around nine feet in depth at a minimum. Safety should always take precedence over fun, so remodel the pool if necessary, to ensure it can accommodate these upgrades. 

If you think the depth of your pool should be adjusted, speak with a pool contractor to learn more about the process and to determine if its right for your needs. 

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