Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips to Prevent the Need for Repairs

Posted on: 22 January 2020

A swimming pool is much like anything else around your home, as it's going to require maintenance in order to prevent it from breaking and needing to be repaired. If you have a pool, then you already know how much maintenance it requires. However, if you're new to owning a pool, you may not know what maintenance is required or what to do with it besides swimming in it. If you aren't caring for your swimming pool, you could end up with a green slime-filled pond before the end of the summer season. Read on for tips to maintain your pool to prevent damage and repairs.

1. Keep a Proper Water Level

Your water level could make a big difference in needing repairs. If you don't keep the water level up on your pool, it could burn out your pump or filter as water isn't getting to these mechanisms in order to keep them running properly. If your pump or filter burns up, the cost to repair or replace them could end up being a lot of money. You could also end up with a dry-rotting pool liner if you don't keep the water level high enough. If too much of your pool liner stays dry, it could dry out from the sunlight and tear very easily.

Your water level should be up to at least halfway up the skimmer opening. There is usually a line marked on the plastic on the skimmer opening showing where you should keep your water level. Add water as needed if it gets too low.

2. Backwash Your Filter

Your filter needs to be set to backwash every few days to rinse out the dirty water from your pool. Your filter is going to clean the dirt and other pollutants from your water, but it will stay in the filter. Eventually, it needs somewhere to go before it starts to create algae and mold inside your filter. Backwashing can prevent this from occurring and help to keep your filter working properly. You should also backwash your filter after you vacuum your pool as well.

3. Clean the Skimmer Basket

The skimmer basket is going to fill up with leaves and dead bugs, in addition to other things such as debris from trees. This basket should be emptied every day or every other day depending on how many trees you have near your pool. Empty the basket and rinse it out if needed. If you don't empty the basket often, it could prevent water from getting to the pump and filter. When this happens, the pump and filter can breakdown requiring a repair or a replacement.

If you have a swimming pool, be sure you keep an eye on it and maintain it properly to prevent issues that are going to cost you in repairs or cost you to replace your pool. If you need help with pool repairs or pool maintenance, contact your local pool repair company for help.


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