A Few Reasons You Need A Custom Swimming Pool Cover

Posted on: 22 January 2020

One of the responsibilities of owning a pool is having a cover that not only keeps leaves and other debris from getting into the pool but that also prevents people from accidentally falling in. Above-ground pool covers usually come with the pool and are easy to put on. In-ground pool covers can be another thing. While they are not difficult to put on, you may have to special-order a custom swimming pool cover to ensure everyone's safety. Here are a few reasons why you may need a custom cover.


If you have a square-, rectangle-, or oval-shaped pool, you can order a standard cover. However, if you have a pool that has its own unique shape, you are going to need to special-order one that is customized to fit your pool exactly. In most cases, it would be best to have a pool salesperson take all the measurements and attach a photo and/or drawing of the pool. You want the cover to reach over all the pool areas without having too much it go over. 


When you have special features around or in the pool, you will probably need to have a custom pool cover. Features to include anything that is permanently attached around the pool edge. This would include slides, diving boards, or cabana or umbrella poles. In addition, if you have a waterfall feature or a hot tub with your pool, you should get a custom cover. The cover needs to go over or around the different features while remaining taut enough for someone to safely walk on.


Standard covers require a certain size deck around the pool. There needs to be enough room for the anchors to take hold into something solid. If you have very little, or no, decking around the pool in some areas, a cover can be made with this in mind so you can still attach the anchors in a way that will securely hold the springs.

Keep in mind that the better a cover fits over a pool, the better it saves people and animals from falling into the cold water while also preventing unwanted debris from sitting on the bottom of the pool and leaving a stain. Debris in a pool can also upset the chemical balance and make it difficult to regain that balance when it is time to remove the cover and prepare the pool for summer fun.

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