4 Ways To Beautify Your Swimming Pool With A Resurfacing Job

Posted on: 10 January 2020

Swimming pools are a benefit to properties. Unfortunately, though, the interior of the pool can become cracked, faded, and just plain lackluster. A dilapidated swimming pool fails to augment your property's value. As Bob Vila points out, it can also repel rather than entice you to dive into the water.

If your pool's liner is dilapidated, consider having the pool resurfaced. The contractors will remove the old liner and apply a new one. Not only will a resurfaced pool provide more comfort when you're swimming, but it will also rejuvenate the area as an oasis in your backyard.

1. Choose Colored Plaster

Contractors usually use plaster to line a concrete pool. White is the natural color for plaster, and a white pool liner creates a bright swimming pool. However, you can choose from a range of blues that will change the appearance of the pool.

For example, if you choose one of the turquoise liners, your pool may look like a tropical lagoon. If you opt for an aqua liner, the pool will look like a glittering jewel. A blue-gray liner will create a dark pool — this color is ideal if you fancy a reflecting pool.

2. Add a Polished Aggregate

Plaster is just the base for pool liners. The contractors can add different materials into the plaster as an aggregate. They can add marble, quartz, or granite to the plaster to create a unique look. The contractors then go back and polish the surface to bring out the stone's natural luster.

Polished aggregate liners work well with any style of pool. The stone's sheen adds a level of decoration you can't get with plaster alone. As a bonus, the addition of a tough material such as stone extends the life of your liner. So, you won't need a resurfacing job again any time soon.

3. Consider an Exposed Aggregate

Another option is exposed aggregate. The contractors still add an aggregate to the plaster. However, instead of polishing it, they remove a thin layer of the plaster to expose the aggregate. They use pebbles or glass beads for this kind of liner.

Pebbles convey a natural appearance, as if your pool is part of the ocean. The pebbles also provide a less slick surface. Glass beads capture and reflect the light. They'll add to the glittering effect of your pool.

4. Look into a Tiled Liner

An upscale option for a pool liner is tile. You see this style of liner at many fancy resorts and hotels. The contractors replace the plaster with hand-laid tile. You can choose porcelain, natural stone, or glass tile.

A tiled liner is expensive, but it's beautiful. What's more, tiled liners last much longer than plaster-based ones. So, if you're in your forever home, consider investing in a tiled liner that may well last the length of your tenure there.

Improve the beauty of your pool with a resurfacing job and new liner.

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